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May 28, 2014
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June 13, 2014
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Here’s hoping that shipping crates will soon be arriving at San Francisco’s waterfront with a portion of George Lucas’ collection of popular art and movie memorabilia. San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee has offered Lucas a 3.2 acre lot as the future home of the Lucas Cultural Arts Center. The Star Wars creator is currently weighing his options for where to locate the institution, which may still end up in Chicago.

Of course, San Francisco is probably the best location, and Lucas can be sure that the moving boxes will be ready to go any time he wants to employ a local firm to handle the delicate work of art shipping and antique shipping, in order to get the center ready for a speedy opening. The process of moving in will be particularly easy if the destination is San Francisco, which is so close to Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch.

Shipping services will be a simple matter in the long run, too. A San Francisco location will make it easy for West Coast relocation services to pack new movie memorabilia and handle crate shipping from Hollywood to San Francisco.

So Mr. Lucas, stick with San Francisco.

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