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June 4, 2014
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June 20, 2014
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If you’re a motorcycle aficionado and you’ll be anywhere near Glendale, CA after June 27, you might want to stop by Forest Lawn Museum for their temporary exhibit featuring paintings and other art inspired by and depicting motorcycles.

If you won’t be riding your own bike when you’re in the area, plan ahead and arrange for motorcycle shipping. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle – nothing’s too far away that you should be deprived of the opportunity to visit the exhibit and then hit the open road on your bike, as you’ll no doubt want to.

And if you have any pull with cultural institutions elsewhere on the West Coast, take this exhibit as a bit of inspiration. It would make a great traveling exhibition, since it is literally an exhibition about traveling. Taking it on the road will just require the right relocation services.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and all the other spots along the coast have biker communities that would be excited to see the exhibit, and they’re all locations for a shipping company that can handle art shipping, antique shipping, and motorcycle shipping just as well.

But don’t count on the exhibit coming to you. Go see it.

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