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Summer is upon us, and for many of those who enjoy the open road and live in temperate climates, that means motorcycle season. A quick web search should uncover a large number of motorcycle rallies and charity events scheduled for the coming weeks in numerous localities from New York to Los Angeles.

That option may be even more attractive if you happen to store your motorcycle somewhere other than where you’re living when it’s time to start riding. In that case you’re probably already familiar with motorcycle shipping and how it can make your biker lifestyle more adaptable.

Even if you’re not usually apart from your motorcycle and don’t have a particularly reason to send it off in a shipping crate, it may be worthwhile to understand your motorcycle shipping options at this time of year. It is, after all, important to plan for contingencies, and the possibility always exists that you might be riding across country from California and break down some place where it’s too difficult to make effective repairs.

In most of the areas you’ll pass through when riding east from the Pacific, Box Brothers will be available to provide services to ship your motorcycle to Los Angeles or San Francisco, or wherever your most trusted motorcycle mechanic happens to be.

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