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August 7, 2014
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August 20, 2014
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The Bay Area suburb of Pleasanton recently announced plans to commission a half dozen artists to decorate public utility boxes as part of “Project Paint Box.” It looks like a very nice way to beautify a town, but “Project Paint Box” sounds like it could be something that includes more than just the adornment of six static objects.

Bay Area artists will be submitting designs until August 29 and the city council will approve the final six designs by the end of October. Chances are good that with all the talent in the Bay Area, there will be much more than six worthy designs based on the box template. Maybe some of the runners up will be compelled to make more portable versions of their art out of shipping crates or moving boxes.

Perhaps Pleasanton will even see fit to finance those works if the first phase of Project Paint Box is successful. A second phase could help Pleasanton to promote itself elsewhere, by publicizing the project and shipping art to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, or even Seattle or Las Vegas. It would be one of many examples of the effective repurposing of shipping crates and moving boxes.

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