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The United States Department of Agriculture recently reported that there is a significant push to encourage natives of rural areas to return to their former places of residence, even though it is understood that moving to a more urban setting is necessary for the individual’s education and professional advancement.

The success of this project could help to stem rural population loss. And many people seem to be responsive to it. Even among those who don’t ultimately return, about half consider doing so. Many of those who actually move back find that they can make good use of their newfound professional skills, or believe that close-knit communities will be advantageous to the education and rearing of their children.

People often desire to return to their roots if circumstances allow. Meanwhile, the average American packs up moving boxes and relocates each five years. If you have a successful youth in a rural area of the Western United States, you may soon find yourself unpacking shipping crates in Los Angeles or San Francisco to pursue an urban education or early-life career path. But you may want to retain the contact information for your Los Angeles relocation service, because chances are good that you’ll want to – and be able to – return home after a few years.

Even if you end up highly successful in your new urban environment, the appeal of home is strong. The push for the return of former rural dwellers is sure to include part-time returners who employ relocation services in Santa Monica or West Hollywood to set them up with second homes in the rural places that they know and love.

Of course, if you have no such love for your rural home, you can feel free to pack every bit of your life into your shipping crates and never look back from Los Angeles unless you’re moving on, five years later, to Seattle or Las Vegas. But if you’re planning to leave begrudgingly, for the sake of your future, be prepared to move at least twice: once away, and once back.

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