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Packing Up and Moving To A Retirement Community

A User-Submitted Post

Packing and moving! It should be a breeze by now after a lifetime of following my husband Jack from one military post to another.  I’d gotten the packing and moving process down to an art in those days. I was familiar with all the moving and packing tips ‘n tricks. We lived lean, even with two small children, and I could pack up the entire household in a matter of days.  Then he retired and we settled here, just in time for the kids to go to high school.  They’re all grown up now with kids of their own.  And Jack’s gone too, leaving me alone in a house that’s just too big and hard to care for.
I talked it over with the kids, of course they both asked me to come and stay with them, but I like my independence.  My sister helped me find a nice little condominium in a retirement community in a warmer part of the country and now that the house is sold I’ll be moving down there. That is once I’m packed!
I’ve been through everything, and had the kids come and pick up the pieces of furniture and art they wanted.  But I still have all sorts of things to move – antique furniture, dishes, books, clothing, bedding, pictures – the list is endless.  Why I’m even planning on taking my washer and dryer since the condominium doesn’t come with one.  My son’s off on deployment again, but before he left he set up an appointment with a packing, moving and shipping service.  I find I’m grateful to be able to hand it over to moving and packing professionals. 
They came last week and made a list of everything I
wanted moved, and promised to crate up the appliances so that they don’t get dented or scraped.  They are going to bring wardrobe boxes so I don’t even have to fold all my clothes, and special moving boxes for my china and other dishes.  They will do all the crating, packing, and loading on this end and when we reach my new home they will unload and unpack it all.  I just need to be there to tell them where everything goes.  I think I’m ready.

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