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December 30, 2011
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Packing and Shipping Items Bought Online

Everyone knows someone with an amazing storage unit auction story… people have acquired ancient artifacts, civil war guns, and celebrity possessions. These peoples stories, along with shows like A&E’s “Storage Wars,” have led to increased interest in storage unit auctions.
A Box Brothers repeat customer wrote about their experiences attending storage unit auctions, as well as how it led them to us. He loved going to auctions, and decided, along with his wife Jeanie, to start a business out of it. “We started with estate auctions,” he writes, “picking up small stuff that we liked and some things we thought might make us a profit. Then we caught the storage auction bug!”
“You never know what you’ll get in a storage auction,” he explains, “it can be anything from antique china or jewlery to books and furniture.” He would most often sell these items online, on both eBay as well as his own website. They quickly found that “the problem was packing and shipping these items” and that they “needed to find a packing and shipping store or service that had EVERYTHING!” That’s when Ron and Jeanie became our customers. The most important thing to them, as a business that constantly needed to pack and ship items to their customers, was to find a single place for all their packing and shipping needs. As they describe it, “we took advantage of everything they had to offer – bulk sales of boxes, and packing material like foam, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap… mailing tubes and padded envelopes – and even surfboard boxes!”
“When it comes to larger items such as furniture,” Ron writes, “a consistently reliable shipping service has been a lifesaver. There’s nothing easier or more convenient than being able pick up a phone (or go online) and schedule a time and date, have professionals come and pack the item we sold, and then have them take it with them right from our home and ship it.” A few times, an item Ron and Jeanie listed on eBay was purchased by someone in the military. “We were at a total loss,” Ron says. “We had no idea if we had to pack the item in a special way, or if there were size/weight restrictions. We even spoke to the two LARGEST shipping carriers in the world, and both said that they couldn’t ship to the military base.” Our military shipping service was designed for these exact situations, as shipping to a base can be a complicated and (oftentimes) seemingly impossible task. “Box Brothers told us not to worry about it… that we could just bring it in to any of their locations or that they’d come pick it up, and that they would ensure that it’s packed and shipped properly and according to any regulations. Sure enough, positive feedback from that customer came three days later on eBay.”
“We have found that storage unit auctions are an excellent source of profit. However, without a consistently reliable packing and shipping service, especially one that also carries all kinds of packing supplies, we’d be unable to efficiently ship to our customers and our business could not function.”

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