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June 17, 2015
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July 6, 2015
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We’re pleased to report that a “Trends” column in Southern California’s Press Enterprise recently highlighted a trend that the Box Brothers blog has been talking about for some time. That is the trend toward more and more subscription-based services that are shipping crates and boxes of consumer goods directly to customers’ doorsteps.

The Press Enterprise highlighted eight such services that are popular in and around Box Brothers’ center of shipping services in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. These run the gamut from health and beauty products to destination-themed goods to the new Marvel comics collectibles box.

As we’ve said before, while the types of merchandise may vary quite dramatically, the common element for all of these companies is the centrality of custom crating, attractive moving box packaging, and of course safe, reliable, and fast shipping services.

The subscription box market has a growing roster of players. According to the Press Enterprise it’s enough to fuel 150 reviews per month on the website My Subscription Addiction, which was launched in 2012. It is also growing in consumer popularity, meaning that it is still fertile ground for entrepreneurs.

Those entrepreneurs must, however, take equal care in selecting their providers of packing supplies and shipping services as they take in curating their merchandise. But if you get both of these aspects of the business just right, you could take charge of what may prove to be an enormously popular new business model.

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