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June 13, 2014
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Recent surveys indicate that this summer may be a comparatively good season for travel. Two-thirds of respondents say they are planning at least one leisure trip, a slight increase from last year, and a larger increase over the year before that. The same research shows that Americans are generally planning to spend more while on vacation, implying that many people’s perceived economic outlook is improving.

Soon enough, American families will be packing supplies for Los Angeles and San Francisco as they travel to vacation hotspots by car or by plane, depending on what their personal finances allow. There’s still a serious difference between well-off and merely middle class families, but the overall increase in vacation plans might indicate that everyone’s arrangements are taking a step up.

Maybe that means that both the length of stay and the accommodations will be different from last year. In that case, you might have had modest plans and weren’t exactly shipping crates of clothing on ahead for a multi-week stay. But maybe now you’ll be moving boxes into a summer rental instead of just unpacking a suitcase in a hotel.

We should all be lucky enough to need Box Brothers for our vacations.

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