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December 1, 2014
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December 15, 2014
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We’ve mentioned Granny’s Attic in this blog before. Being located in Southern California, it is in close proximity to several Box Brothers’ locations. At the same time, it’s a nationally recognized antique market, meaning that it’s the endpoint for antique shipping coming from a variety of businesses and private collectors in a number of different areas of the country.


It’s worth mentioning Granny’s Attic again because they’ve just announced the 2015 dates for their major antique shows. There’s one for spring, one for summer, and one for fall, giving collectors and distributors three chances to arrange for the safe and efficient antique shipping that will allow your merchandise to get seen by a massive crowd of collectors out here in California.


And whichever date you choose, remember that Box Brothers is right in the area to take care of your antique shipping needs when it’s time to take your collection back home. There’s no reason why the logistics of crate shipping and packing supplies should make you miss out on all three of the Granny’s Attic show dates, which are, incidentally, February 28, June 20, and October 10.


We’ll see you there. And more importantly, we’ll see your merchandise there safely.

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