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Since we at Box Brothers are in the business of helping people to move, we like to keep abreast of where people might want to relocate to. Indeed, we like to be able to make recommendations for people who are looking forward to a change of life, but haven’t quite worked out the details.

With the wide open and diverse country stretching out in front of you, there are a daunting variety of communities to choose from, but also a great many opportunities to settle some place where you can be happy for the rest of your days. Still, some major cities have shown up again and again on lists of best places to move in the past year or two. Here are what we think are the top five.


#5 San Diego, CA


We were happy to see that one of cities most frequently cited on internet top lists is right on the West Coast where Box Brothers got its start. That provides us with a lot of opportunities to relocate people locally, secure in the belief that they’ll be happy, safe, prosperous, and eager to have us move their friends and family in next door.

San Diego’s weather makes it a paradise for people who love the sun, and its many world-class museums and its cutting-edge cuisine make it a cultural paradise as well. And there’s little wonder that it has so much to offer, since San Diego businesses and institutions serve a highly educated population with an average annual income that is over 60,000 dollars.

Of course, the flip side of that is that it’s not an inexpensive city to live in. But if you can afford the cost of settling into a home there, you’ll quickly see why so many articles and statistics define it as one of the best places to move to.


#4 Boulder, CO

Outdoor activities and mountain trails are easily accessible from San Diego, but if that is the main draw for you, you might feel more at home in Boulder, Colorado with its immediate proximity to the Rocky Mountains.

A nature lover’s ideal home in more ways than one, Boulder enjoys an unusually high air quality index, partly because about one in five residents travel by foot or by bicycle in their daily commute. But you can rest assured that it’s not because they can’t afford the alternatives. Boulder also enjoys remarkably high average incomes among an educated populous, and thus boasts cultural attractions alongside its natural beauty.

Boulder appears to fall slightly short of San Diego in terms of the number of times its mentioned in top cities lists, but it makes up for it by being ranked number one on some of them.


#3 Omaha, NE


The largest city in Nebraska provides would-be residents an opportunity to move to a place that straddles the dividing line between Midwestern charm and cosmopolitan flair. It is home to growing population that currently remains under the half-million mark, but is being bolstered by a young population taking advantage of a dozen local colleges and universities.

This has helped to preserve a low cost of living, even as an active telecommunications industry helps to grow the Omaha economy and provide support for its emerging arts scene. All of this helps to paint the picture of a place that is not only widely regarded as one of the best places to live, but also one that will probably be even better in years to come.

That also means that it’s a particularly good place to move to, because the city of Omaha will grow and develop at the same time that you are developing your life after you make the move.


#2 Boise, ID

The capital of Idaho is similarly growing, but remains a smaller city, with roughly half the population of Omaha. This is in spite of an approximately 40 percent growth in the past 25 years. Given that explosion in population and economic development, it may be surprising that Boise still manages to look so open and inviting, but the physical design of the city pretty much guarantees that.

While Boise is already on numerous top cities lists, you might want to move it straight to the top of your own list of top places to move if you’re the sort of person who wants to integrate an outdoorsy daily lifestyle with access to downtown restaurants and nightlife. Once you’ve unpacked your moving boxes, a bike ride or a very short drive can take you from the heart of the city to the surrounding foothills or to the expansive parks and nature preserves that are neatly incorporated into the city.


#1 Austin, TX

Speaking of parks, Austin, which is arguably most frequently mentioned among “best cities to move to,” has the highest number of parks per capita. It is also known as a clean city with high quality water and air, and consistently good weather.

As the home to the University of Texas, Austin enjoys a young, professional population that supports a remarkably active cultural scene, which has given it a reputation as the live music capital of the world.

Income is high and unemployment is low, and these statistics are only expected to improve in the coming years as the city’s economy and population base continue to grow. If all of this sounds appealing, you should consider packing up those moving boxes and employing a shipping service soon, so that you can be part of the ongoing excitement of that change.

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