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If you’re a private collector of unique old items and you’re interested in taking some of your treasures to the antiques market, there are probably shops, flea markets, and antiquing events near where you live. But you certainly have a better chance of finding people to discover and then pay top dollar for your items if you put for the extra effort to deliver them to the most active and well-trafficked venues.

There may be a bit of anxiety in personally transporting your valuable and coveted antiques across your home state or across the country, but a good shipping service with a proven track record in art and antique shipping can alleviate that anxiety while also helping you to show off your merchandise in a place where it is not only more likely to be bought and sold, but also where it’s more likely to be appreciated.

And if you should then find new items in that treasure trove and choose to add them to your own collection, you’ll already be in touch with antique shippers who can get it safely and quickly back home. If you’re up for the travel and you’re comfortable with your antique shipping options, here are four places to start your search for the best place to sell your antiques away from home:

Pasadena, California

As a provider of antiques shipping and relocation services based in the Los Angeles area, we’re proud to say that Pasadena is one of the most frequently included towns on lists of best locations for the buying and selling of antiques. That’s mainly thanks to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, an event that occurs on the second Sunday of each month, features about 2,500 vendors, and attracts roughly 20,000 patrons including celebrities and renowned interior designers.

New York City

All the way on the other coast and generating almost as much praise, New York City is home to the Brooklyn Flea, which takes place outdoors on Saturdays in the Fort Greene neighborhood and Sundays in Williamsburg, from April until November. About 150 vendor booths set up there to offer collections of vintage clothing and accessories, furniture, décor, and other antique goods.

New York City also gets credited by the Huffington Post as one of the best locations for flea markets in the world (matching it against National Geographic’s similar ranking of Pasadena) because of the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and the Antique Garage in Manhattan. Furthermore, About Home mentions the Upper West Side’s Green Flea alongside the Brooklyn Flea.

Springfield, Ohio

Matching the Rose Bowl Flea Market in sheer size, the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market generally takes place on the third weekend of the month, with vendors setting up both inside and out in fair-weather months. And if you’re shipping your antiques from anywhere in the United States to the Springfield show, you can be confident that you won’t have traveled as far as some of the shoppers, who have been known to visit from as far away as Japan.

Take your items there on a monthly basis, or just stop in for one of their special events, which ordinarily take place three times a year and have become more elaborate, with live music, food, beer, and wine. And if you decide that you’d like to ship some of your antiques to Springfield on a more permanent basis, the show takes place just down the road from the Springfield Antique Mall and the Springfield Antique Center.


Brimfield, Massachusetts

Never heard of Brimfield? If you’re an avid antique collector or seller, you should have. It’s the place that appears most frequently in online lists of best places to buy and sell vintage merchandise. And with good cause. It’s the largest such show in the nation, spanning an entire mile of route 20 and filling nearly two dozen old farm fields with five to six thousand different vendors.

The Brimfield Antique Shows take place from Tuesday through Sunday, three months a year, in May, July, and September. About Home calls it the grande dame of American antique shows and USA Today says it’s a must for any antique collector or vintage shopper. It’s also perhaps the best place to make a mark selling your own antiques away from home, so if you’re interested, contact the organizers to see how you can set up your exhibit, and then don’t forget to determine the best antique shipping service to help you get your precious collection safely to rural Massachusetts.

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