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December 8, 2014
The Growth of Direct Shipping
December 29, 2014
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It’s often amazing to think of how interconnected are small consumer trends and the entire national and global economy. You might not think about moving boxes and shipping crates as often as we do, but if you consider the industry for a minute you might realize that its health can be an indicator of the health and direction of the overall economy.


A recent report by the Freedonia Group explains that the market for cardboard and paper boxes is looking promising for the next few years. It is expected to grow to 39.4 billion dollars by 2018.


Part of this is because the economy as a whole is growing and more shipping boxes are needed to get merchandise to other businesses and to consumers. But part of it is because of changes in consumer expectations about those products in particular.


More than ever, there is demand for custom boxes for shipping products directly to people’s homes. Custom shipping boxes make up part of business model of companies that curate third-party projects and focus their efforts on crate shipping. This is all helping to make custom shipping boxes and other value-added shipping supplies more visible, and it is raising the bar – and the value – of the industry as a whole.


Of course, however valuable or eye-catching the custom shipping box may be, it isn’t much of a driver of economic growth if it isn’t handled by a good shipping service like Box Brothers, which can move it quickly through an active supply chain.

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