So Lindsay Lohan’s Moving…
July 16, 2014
Don’t Count on Found Boxes
August 3, 2014
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Last week we felt compelled to speculate about the logistics involved in Lindsay Lohan’s purported move to London. We’re still curious who’s going to handle the extremely valuable antique and art shipping that will no doubt be involved in that move.

But this week we’ve had an opportunity to speculate about a similar story, but on an arguably grander scale. Media reports on the West Coast have given rise to a lot of gossip about where the shipping crates and moving supplies will be headed when the Obama family moves out of the White House.

As a seller of packing supplies and relocation services in and around Los Angeles we’re proud and a little giddy to report that one possibility that’s been mentioned is California. Other reports have pointed to North Carolina, but none of these claims have been upheld by the president so far.

Until something’s confirmed, we can dream. And we can wonder. We wonder who handles moving for the first family. Would the White House just cold-call companies that sell relocation services in Los Angeles and San Francisco?

Working in those places, we’ve dealt with some wealthy and important people, but the president’s family would be a first!

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